Regardless of the complexities derived from parties and operating sites situated in different parts of the global marketplace, WMR is your strategic partner of choice, with our broad and expert experience and unique cultural business sensitivities, having worked extensively with international business cultures, different legal systems, and regulatory challenges that often discourage business and investors. WMR international attorneys and regulatory consultants will greatly enhance your business success in negotiating, documenting and closing deals, providing a clearer understanding and consideration of the many commercial, political and cultural factors that might play a role in a deal’s execution and closing.

WMR’s Commercial Transactions Practice Group appreciates that clear, well-drafted contracts and agreements are necessary to succeed in business and are indispensable for growth and smooth operations. Anticipating all the unique potential challenges, scenarios, and risks in complex domestic, international and foreign settings is our responsibility. Helping your business to identify, avoid or prepare creative solutions for these challenges is our strength and skilled value-added contribution.

WMR professionals are highly trained, experienced, and capable of assisting your business with its financial transactions, security agreements, equipment leasing, purchase and sale agreements, varied services agreement, software and licensing.  Given our practical foreign language skills and international experience, we are in a unique position to assist your enterprise in international transactions with other entities throughout the Americas, and other high growth markets in the world.

WMR provides advice on all aspects of commercial transactions, including sales of goods and services, lease agreements, technical assistance, negotiable instruments and commercial papers, letters of credit, title clearance and documents, investment securities and secured transactions. WMR may also assist your enterprise in negotiating and drafting Intellectual Property license agreements, technology and trademark transfers, distributorship and franchise agreements, nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements, and non-competition agreements. We also advise and represent our clients on matters of arbitration, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.