immigration law

Through its affiliate WMR Immigration Law Group, WMR assists corporations and institutions to promptly acquire temporary and permanent U.S. employment-based visas for foreign executives, managers, and highly skilled professionals. WMR also assists employees and their families becoming lawful permanent residents of the United States and, ultimately, U.S. citizens. WMR supports applicants in obtaining benefits available to them while their cases are pending. Some of these services include:

  • Investment-based immigrant petitions. In this area, WMR offers foreign investors different scenarios from private equity investment funds, known in the immigration context as Regional Centers, to personalized investment solutions with the firm’s assistance in all aspects of (i) the business area selection, (ii) capitalization and operation process, (iii) profitability goals, and (iv) meeting the client’s immigration objectives.
  • Petitions for multinational executives and managers, outstanding researchers and professors, and aliens of extraordinary abilities. WMR provides an early petition screening giving clients a fair assessment of the possibilities of an approval.
  • Employment-Based Immigrant Visa Petitions to ensure that your business has the specialized and uniquely qualified staffing it needs and that personnel costs are competitive.
  • WMR represents clients in Adjustment of Status Applications filed with U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS), and Consular Processing of immigrant visas issued abroad, with seasoned experience and attention to detail when reviewing and overcoming possible grounds of inadmissibility.
  • Employment Eligibility Verification Audits and Compliance Counseling.

Family-sponsored immigration:

WMR Immigration Law Group assists spouses, parents, children and fiancés of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents to become permanent residents and to enter the country facilitating and expediting family reunification. In this area, WMR seeks temporary benefits for the intended beneficiaries while their cases are pending. WMR is aware of the reality faced by millions of foreign nationals, who for different circumstances, are unlawfully present in the United States and face imminent family separation. As in all WMR cases, great care is given to those applying for waivers of grounds of inadmissibility (pardons of prior immigration violations).

Sending U.S. Workers Abroad

With office locations in Washington D.C., WMR has direct access to embassies and consular offices and experience advancing petitions before foreign governments to regularize U.S. persons that are being transferred abroad. In these cases WMR attorneys’ and support staff’s multicultural backgrounds, international focus, and language skills play a decisive role in the success of our services.

Other Services:

  • Defense in Removal and Exclusion Proceedings.
  • Asylum, Withholding of Removal and Protection under the Convention Against Torture.
  • Naturalization, Derivative Citizenship, and Reacquisition or Reinstatement of U.S. Citizenship.
  • Immigration Related Tax Planning.


Through its affiliate, Wellstein Mora Rodriguez International s.a., based in Montreal, Canada, WMR offers immigration and citizenship law services to individuals and families coming to Canada to visit, study or work temporarily, or wishing to immigrate on a permanent basis. WMR’s Canada immigration and citizenship law services cover all available Federal and Provincial immigration programs and categories, including:

  • Temporary Residence: Visitor and Student Temporary Resident Visas, Temporary Work Permits, Quebec Certificates of Acceptance, Employment Validations.
  • Federal Economic Immigration Programs: Skilled Workers and Professionals, Canadian Experience Class, Investors, Entrepreneurs and Self-employed persons.
  • Quebec Economic Immigration Programs: Skilled Worker, Entrepreneur, Investor and Self-Employed Worker Programs.
  • Provincial Nominee Programs.
    Family Class Sponsorship: Spouses, partners, dependent children and other eligible relatives, Quebec sponsorship undertaking and Quebec Selection Certificate applications.
  • Refugees, persons in need of protection and permanent residence applications on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.
    Citizenship applications.

WMR’s Montreal office assists individuals, families and businesses with a comprehensive service offering in the area of Canada Immigration and Citizenship Law, including (i) consultations and legal opinions regarding immigration program choices and requirements, and Immigration Law issues in general; (ii) immigration file preparation and compilation of evidentiary elements in support of applications, administrative proceedings and judicial actions; (iii) preparation and filing of federal and provincial application forms and documents required for obtaining visas, work permits and permanent resident status; (iv) filing and follow up of applications submitted to federal and provincial authorities; and (v) representation before the different Government agencies, administrative tribunals and courts with jurisdiction over Immigration and Citizenship Law matters.