WMR understands the value of our clients’ intellectual property (“IP”), as they operate globally and invest heavily in research, development and deployment. The effort and investment a business makes to improve services and the quality of product offerings gain recognition in the marketplace with strong brands that generate goodwill.Maximizing and preserving the return of that investment requires the implementation of a comprehensive branding strategy. Trademark protection is an essential component of a branding strategy. Our IP attorneys help to efficiently create, maintain and protect the trademarks needed to advance a successful branding strategy so that business efforts to generate strong brand recognition and goodwill yield high benefits and prevent others from exploiting or diluting clients’ investments.

Registering and maintaining trademarks is one of the services provided by WMR, not only in the United States but worldwide. Our firm maintains association agreements with other law firms around the globe to clear, select, register and enforce your business trademarks and related IP rights worldwide.

WMR also offers (i) trademark analyses to assess whether a mark is suitable for registration; (ii) clearance and registration searches and investigations to determine the availability of marks, including non-traditional marks such as designs and sounds; (iii) obtaining federal, state and foreign registration of trademarks, service marks, collective marks and certification marks, as well as defending registration from oppositions and office refusals; (iv) worldwide trademark watch services to detect conflicting trademark filings and, if appropriate, we conduct domestic and foreign opposition and cancellation proceedings; (v) securing worldwide protection through an extensive network of foreign agents and foreign associate firms; and (vi) trademark enforcement protecting your IP rights in a global market against infringement, misappropriation, deceptive trade practices and counterfeiting.
We keep clients informed on the maintenance and pending status of its various trademarks using our or following the client’s preferred reporting method and format. Our goal is to maximize client investment in their branding strategies in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

WMR IP and Commercial Transaction attorneys work together to assist clients in the negotiation and preparation of licensing agreements within the context of alliance, franchise, distribution, agency, marketing and many other transactions aimed at creating or expanding markets or the size of product/service deployment and operations.

Although we exhaust all available means to achieve the highest level of legal protection to prevent IP infringements, market globalization, easy access to mass media, the Internet and the increased competitiveness in the marketplace, makes it challenging to avoid litigation. We understand that client trademarks and other IP assets are critical for operations and therefore take very seriously any foreseeable threats or disputes in this area. If disputes arise overseas, WMR is prepared to enforce client rights in court and to coordinate and manage litigation in any foreign venue through our international network of local firms.

WMR foreign associates are carefully selected and screened to ensure that all professionals engaged in legal matters on behalf of our clients are experienced and recognized professionals in the field. Competitive service rates and transparency in billing practices are also key factors in our selection process. As a result, the time invested by WMR in coordinating services and managing accounts, including review and revision of foreign associate invoices, is reduced to the minimum, maximizing clients’ savings and maintaining consistent quality standards.