Wellstein Mora Rodriguez International is comprised of a professional team of seasoned attorneys with diverse backgrounds, education, and experiences that include administrative adjudications, dispute resolution, international arbitration and litigation in both Civil Code and Common Law legal systems. Our strength derives from our ability to create ground-breaking approaches and strategies to present our clients with the best legal position to successfully embrace legal disputes.

Our representative offices and established relations with experienced trial attorneys in diverse areas and jurisdictional forums, plus our ability to guide and manage all aspects of complex civil and commercial litigation, both domestically and internationally, provides our clients with cost-efficient and closely supervised representation in judicial actions, mediations and arbitration proceedings.

Complex multi-market business links parties from different countries and cultures in transactions that often end in particularly challenging disagreements and infringements. These may result from, among others, (i) differing understandings about each party’s promises, (ii) misunderstandings related to multiple performance locations, (iii) differences between legal systems, (iv) proceedings and local customs, and (v) culturally or otherwise different business practices. In this complex environment, representation by attorneys with broad experience, vision, cultural sensitivities, excellent understanding of underlying substantive issues and, proven multinational forensic experience, are key factors to success.

WMR represents clients directly or through our extensive network of foreign associates in all kinds of litigation cases before judicial courts, administrative tribunals and mediation and arbitration panels. Outside and inside the courtroom, from the moment of creating effective strategies to their execution, our clients can rest reassured that representation is comprehensive, consistent, efficient and result-oriented.

At WMR we approach each controversy uniquely, considering each client’s needs, objectives, risks and all other relevant social, political and economic circumstances in the context of transactions and events involved. Our key goal is to provide clients with intelligent, thorough, and well founded assessments and guidance to ensure that every material decision a client makes is well informed and meets its particular objectives and priorities.